Cultural Anthropology

The prohibitions against consuming specific types of food or animals in Leviticus are proceeded by the injunction to be "holy." What is the meaning of the root word "holy" in Hebrew?
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Which statement best describes Harris's view of animal taboos?Which of the following is the most efficient way of obtaining all the amino acids and nutrients the body needs for optimal health?eating leafy greens and other green colored veggies.Pigs have more benefits and functions than cowsfalseWhy does Douglas argue that some animals are considered "clean" while others are considered "unclean"it depends on whether a specific animal has multiple uses, a single use, or no use to humansThe prevalence of the disease schistosomiasis in so many people in Mali is an example of cultural ecology, in this case, human interaction with what part of the environment spread the disease?rivers and waterThe pig is a very efficient converter of carbohydrates into protein and fattrueharris suggests that when a population that engages in farming begins to grow rapidly and has to choose between raising more animals or growing more food it chooses to grow more food. Why?because it is simply more efficient for humans to eat plant-based food than to interpose animals between plant-based food and humansThe !Kung Bushman's mode of subsistence is based onhunting and gatheringIn !Kung society, what activity occurrence was know to raise tensions among the !Kung and sometimes create argumentsthe distribution of meat after a huntOn the day of the feast, and seeing that the !Kung were actually quite happy with his choice of ox, Lee originally interpreted their previous disparaging comments about the ox as a joke played on the unsuspecting anthropologiststrueWhich of the following is NOT one of the standard rules that applies in the bargaining process over how much to pay when buying somethingengaging in more than two back and forth counteroffers between a buyer and a seller is considered extremely rudeExplain the term ethnographic presentthis is a term that whatever one reads about a culture only applies to the time period when the data was collectedWhich statement best describes a "low energy budget"a low energy budget requires less energy invested in the extraction of resources needed for human survival than the amount of energy extracted for use in survivalWhat behavior did we see in the story of the Christmas ox, the anthropologists, and the !Kung that served as a form of "social control"the !Kung joking with the anthropologists about the bag-of-bones old oxWhy do Malian women typically hope to have a daughter as a first childdaughters tend to help more with domestic chores and childcare than sons doDettwyler's fieldwork supported the belief of outsider development projects that childhood malnutrition in Mali was the result of their parent's poverty and inability to purchase nutritious and adequate foodfalseForaging is another name for what type of culturea hunting and gathering cultureTraditionally, !Kung expected bride service. Which of the following scenarios reflects bride servicea husband helps out his wife's family for a period of time before maybe returning to his own family's campAs we saw with the !Kung and the Christmas ox, the !Kung practice what type of reciprocity?general reciprocityGrowing up my group of cousins would celebrate each other's birthdays at the birthday person's home. It was expected that one would exchange gifts worth a similar amount no matter whose birthday it was. My family practiced what type of reciprocitybalanced reciprocityProfessor Lee eventually discovered that the actual reason for the !Kung's comments about his worthless ox was for what reasonan effort to teach him a lesson in arrogance, pride, and humilityWhat is the worst form of punishment an Inuit community can apply to someone who breaks its norms?`Which statement best describes foraging culturesforaging cultures depend on hunting or plant-based food primarily depending on the specific culture and is ecologyWhat upset Professor Lee, the anthropologist, who was there to do field work to study the !Kung, after he purchased a large ox to slaughter for a Christmas feast as thanks to the tribehe was upset when they began criticizing his choice of ox as being old, scrawny, and a bag of bonesAs is true with all foraging cultures, the Batak of the Philippines engage in no horticultuefalse