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  1. Importance of fire
  2. monarch
  3. Thermo luminescence dating
  4. Paleolithic technology
  5. Anthropology
  1. a making of tools and use of fire
  2. b sense of community, warmth, scared away wild animals, cooked food, source of light
  3. c determines an object's age through light given off by electrons; dates back 200,000 yrs
  4. d the study of past societies through human remains
  5. e a ruler of a kingdom or empire

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  1. keeping records, literature
  2. permanent housing, occupations, trade, fabric, metal tools
  3. determines an objects age by measuring the amount of c-14; dates back 50,000 yrs
  4. the period before writing was developed
  5. way of life

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  1. class 3slaves, servants


  2. social structuresway of life


  3. Bronze ageTime period (approximately 1300 BCE) marked by use of iron and steel as most advanced technology


  4. artisianskilled worker


  5. Importance of governmentorganized armies, made laws, claimed divine power