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  1. Importance of writing
  2. domestication
  3. social structures
  4. Importance of art
  5. Importance of cities
  1. a stable patterns of social relations. 3 kinds of society
  2. b keeping records, literature
  3. c used as religious decorations in temples and shrines; expression
  4. d the taming of animals for human use.
  5. e allowed for a group effort in living through food surplus; protection; and trade

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  1. determines an objects age by measuring the amount of c-14; dates back 50,000 yrs
  2. making of tools and use of fire
  3. Old Stone Age; 2,500,000 to 10,000 B.C. - hunting and gathering
  4. moving around to find food
  5. way of life

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  1. Bronze age3000 B.C - 1200 B.C. - mixed copper and tin


  2. Archaeologyknowledge that people use to improve a way of life in their surroundings


  3. Importance of governmentorganized armies, made laws, claimed divine power


  4. Prehistorythe period before writing was developed


  5. Importance of fireused as religious decorations in temples and shrines; expression