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What was the significance of Iona for the history of Christianity?

Iona Abbey
Major supporter of celtic system for calculating the date of Easter

What was the significance of Lindisfarne for the history of Christianity?

Monastry = Base for Christian Evangelising

What happened at the Synod of Whitby?

Date for easter decided

Who was the Anselm of Cantebury?

Monk, famous for ontological argument for the existance of God.

Who wrote the first history of the English church (Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum)?

St Bede

Why was Thomas a Becket killed?

Quarelled with Henry II
(Guards possibly mistook overheard quote "rid me of that monk" as an order to kill him)

Which religious order was known in England as the Black Friars?

Dominican Order

Which religious order was known in England as the Grey Friars?


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