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Below clavicular tendon
Assists pectoral muscles
Deep fascia responsible for long standing

Biceps brachii

Supported by independent bursa
Grooved cartilaginous tendon
Lacertus fibrosus
Internal tendon

Lacertus fibrosus

Fibrous structure covering biceps
Extends carpus when biceps resists collapse of shoulder under the weight of the trunk due to attachment to ECR

Internal tendon

Extends shoulder

Biceps as fixator

Origin from supraglenoid tubercle

Caudomedial muscles


Superior check ligament of SDF

Purely tendinous and arises from caudal aspect of radius, joins at distal 1/4

Inferior check ligament of DDF

Arises from palmar aspect of thick fibrous joint capsule of carpus and joins DDF mid cannon

Craniolateral muscles



Broadens below fetlock after receiving process from SL

Lat DE

Prominent ridge of lat aspect
Joins CDE at fetlock and inserts on P1


Receives LF covering biceps the oppose carpal flexion


Poorly developed

Passive stay apparatus

Serratus ventralis transmits weight of cranial part of trunk on to medial aspect of scapula

Flexion of shoulder opposed by

IT of biceps
Cartilaginous biceps tendon that moulds within the biciptal groove- fixator

Flexion of elbow opposed by

Direct weight of trunk
Deep fascia of triceps passively extends
Biceps brachiis tenses when elbow attempts to flex elbow which builds pressure on cartilaginous tendon and IT which fix shoulder

Overextension/flexion of carpus is opposed by

Tension transmitted to ECR, which fixes carpus, which prevents buckling
Accessory carpal ligament, palmar capsular ligament and flexor retinaculum

Overextension of fetlock is opposed by

Suspensory apparatus of fetlock: SL, prox sesamoids and dist sesamoidean ligaments
Accessory check ligaments stabilise pastern and coffin joints passively

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