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Lord de la Warr

new governor of Virginia, waged war with indiansintermediar between indians and e


daughter of powhatan, save John Smith, intermediary between indians and europeans, wife of john rolfe


indian chieftan, people who dominated the land along the James river

Handsome Lake

iroquois prohet, had vison warning people to go back to the old ways

John Rolfe

married pocahontas, settled war between indians andn europeans father of tobacco

Lord Baltimore

hoped maryland would be a vast domain, tollerance of religions

Walter Raleigh

gilberts half brother, organized espedition to roanoke, all people mysteriously vanished

James Oglethorpe

repelled spanish attacks, interested in prison reform, founded georgia, haven for debtors

Humphrey Gilbert

lost life at sea,promoted colonization

Oliver Cromwell

ruleed england for 10 years, puritan solider

John Smith

captain, saved virginia, young adventurer, saved by pocahontas, whiped colonist into shape

John Wesley

founded methodist church in england

Francis Drake

returned in 1580 with treasure from spanish ships, knighted by Queen Elizabeth

William Penn

founded quaker colony in pennsylvania, promised better relations with indians

Richard Hakluyt

english writer, trying to encourage people to new world

Henry VIII

broke away from the catholic church, 6 wives

Elizabeth I

queen of england, supported colonization, foreceful powerful leader, greatest english monarch

Philip II

king of spain, self-anoited foe of the protestant reformation, sent armada to england

James I

Jamestown named after him, grew hostile to virginia hated tobacco, made virginia under his control

Charles I

dismissed parliment and then reinstated it, made member furious, was beheaded

Charles II

restored to throne, carolina named after him

Deganawidah and HIawatha

founders of iroquois confederacy

George II

georgia named after him, king of england

Nation state

formof stae that serves nation as a national territory

JOint stock Company

Virginia Company


founded in plantation colonies


forcing farmers off land so they have a place for sheep

House of Burgesses

London company authorized settlers to somon an assembly

Royal Charter

given by King, owned by king

Slave codes

adopted by carolina, brought form barbados by english


farmer of middle social status


Carolina created for lord proprietors,eight court favorites of Charles II


wooden structure that ranged from 8-25 feet


people who grew and lived on land that wasn't theirs, left when it was bought or claimed

Law of Primogeniture

Only eldest sons were eligible to inherit land

Starving time

winter of 1609-1610 400 people reduced to 60

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