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The clouds are very //dark//.

die Dunkelheit

Tavo namą labai sunku rasti //tamsumoje//.

die Erde

//Žemėje// netrukus gyvens 7 milijardai gyventojų.

der Gipfel, -

There's a little hut on the mountain //peak//.


The sun light makes the room very //bright//.

der Himmel

There's not a cloud in //the sky//.

die Karte, -n

Without a hiking //map// we wouldn't have found the path.

die Luft

Kalnų //oras// yra labai gaivinantis.

das Meer, -e

The city is only 10 kilometres from //the sea//. (ne S...)

der Mond, -e

There is a full //moon// tonight.

die Natur

//Nature// must be strongly protected from the people.

der Norden

Yesterday //the north// of the country had its first snow.


We live in a small town 20 km //north// of Frankfurt. (ne daiktavardis)

der Osten

In //the east// of the country there are many lakes.


Wolfsburg is //east// of Hannover. (ne daiktavardis)

der Ozean, -e

He crossed the Indian //Ocean// in a small sail boat.

der Rauch

We got tears in our eyes from //the smoke//.

der Schatten, -

Even in //the shade// it was extremely hot.

die Sonne

This plant must always be in //the sun//.

der Stein, -e

Unfortunately the soil in our yard is full of //stones//.

der Stern, -e

The night sky is so clear - you can see all //the stars//.

der Süden

Yesterday there were strong storms in //the South//.


Italy is //south// of the Alps. (ne daiktavardis)

die Temperatur, -en

Tonight //the temperature// will go down below freezing.

die Umwelt

//Aplinkos// apsauga tapo labai jautriu politiniu klausimu.


Potatoes //grow// especially well in this soil.

das Wasser

Be careful, it's not safe to drink that //water//.

die Welt

The Sahara is the largest desert in //the World//.

der Westen

The wind is coming from //the west//.


Kaunas is //west// from Vilnius. (ne daiktavardis)

die Ebbe

//Atoslūgio// metu visi laivai gali atsidurti ant sausumos.

das Festland

She works on //the mainland//, but she lives on the island.

das Flachland

I think living in //the lowland// is boring - I'd rather be living in the highland.


The stream //flows// very slowly.

die Flut

Po kiekvieno atoslūgio ateina //potvynis//. (ne H...)


It's supposed //to freeze// tonight.

der Kontinent, -e

Europe is called the "old //continent//".

der Planet, -en

Mars is a red //planet//.

der Pol, -e

Have you ever been to the North //Pole//?

der Schlamm

After the flood there has been a lot of //mud// on the bank.

der Strand, die Strände

The hotel has its own //beach//.

das Weltall

A new TV satellite was shot into //space/universe//.

die Erde

Šiose apylinkėse //žemė// yra rausvos spalvos.

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