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For which of these problems would systematic desensitization most likely be used?
Fear of heights
Which of the following is a therapy based on the principles of operant conditioning?
Token economy
According to Freud, ____ of the dream refers to the hidden, symbolic meaning of the dream, which, if correctly interpreted, reveals the unconscious conflicts that created the nervous disorder.
Latent content
During free association, a patient may become unwilling to talk about certain topics. What term would a psychoanalysist use to describe this change in the patient's willingness to verbalize?
The use of learning techniques to modify or change undesirable behavior and increase desirable behaviors is called ____.
Behavior modification
Most psychological professionals today take an ____ view of psychotherapy.
Beck's cognitive therapy is particularly effective in the treatment of _____.
As Celine begins to reveal more and more of her innermost thoughts and feelings to her therapist, she begins to feel good about him as well as accepted by him. She develops a sense of trust, particularly because he does not criticize her. This process is called ____.
Alice takes lithium to control symptoms of her mental disorder. Alice is most likely suffering from ____.
Bipolar disorder
ECT is used to treat
Severe depression
In the wake of the recent BP oil spill, there have been an increase in reported cases of ______.
What is one of the main advantages of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors as compared to similar drugs?
They have fewer side effects.
A client lies on a couch with the therapist sitting out of sight behind her. The therapist gets to know the client's problems through free association and positive and negative transference. this is and example of _____.
Psychoanalytic therapy
Dr. Stevenson states "I promote rational thinking to alleviate distressing feelings and behaviors." He is a ____ therapist.
A physician prescribes a benzodiazepine drug to help alleviate your anxiety. Which drug might you be taking?
The basic goal of systematic desensitization is to
relax individuals in the presence of a feared object or situation.
A parent wishes to stop her young son from throwing temper tantrums. You suggest she use extinction and advise her to
Ignore the tantrums and pay attention to her son only when he is calm.
The major goal of insight therapies is to give people
Clearer understanding of their feelings, motivations, and actions.
Gary takes antipsychotic drugs to control symptoms of schizophrenia. After thaking the drugs he begins exhibiting repetive involuntary jerking and movements of his face, lips ad legs. He is suffering from
Tardive dyskineia
Person-centered therapy is a type of
Insight therapy
In which form of therapy does the therapist take a directive role, challenging clients when they make "my way or nothing" statements?
rational-emotive behavior therapy
Jerome had been having an affair. When his wife comes home late, he accuses her of cheating. Which defense mechanism is he using?
Which component of a person's personality is responsible for the continuing desire to engage in sex indiscriminstely?
Trait theories endeavor to ____ the characteristics that make up human personality.
When Anna looks at some modern artwork at the museum, she often thinks she sees human figures. In psychological terms, what Anna does is most similar to
A projective test
Which personality test relies on the interpretation of inkblots to understand personality?
Don plays the trumpet, is on the debate team, bites his nails and chews gum. Freud might say Dan was fixated on the
Oral stage
If you are completing a paper/pencil test that requires you read statements and indicate true or false as to whether they apply to you, then you are likely taking a
Personality inventory
Unconditional positive regard is MOST important to the theory of
When Candace ordered a hot fudge sundae and a diet soda, she told herself that the calories from the ice cream weren't a big deal because she had a diet soda. Which of Freud's defense mechanisms is motivating Candace?
"If it feels good do it" best describe the
What is one purpose of the validity scales of the MMPI?
To detect tendencies of test takers to present themselves in a favorable light
Which of the following is correct concerning cross-cultural studies on trait theories?
Evidence for the five trait dimensions has been found in several cultures.
Projective tests make use of ____ stimuli.
According to Jung, the memories and behavior patterns inherited from past generations are part of the
Collective unconscious
According to Freud, the reality priciple is
The way in which the ego tries to delay satisfying the id's desires until it can do so safely and successfully.
Anthony is sick of writing papers, but makes himself go to class. Which personality structure is in control here?
The most commonly used personality inventory is the
According to Rogers, people brought up with unconditional positive regard
Feel valued regardless of their attitudes and behaviors
A disassociate disorder that involves sudden travel from home, the taking on of a new identity, and amnesia regarding the trip and one's actual personal information is called
Dissociative fugue
Any behavior that does not allow a person to function within or adapt to the stresses and everyday demands of life is considered
Which pair consists of negative symptoms of schizophrenia?
Poor attention and flat affect
Ali, a war veteran, has had nightmares, flashbacks and anxiety attacks for the past three years. Ali is most likely suffering from
Research suggests that a reduction in myelin coating neurons in the uncinate
What is the most frequently diagnosed anxiety disorder in the U.S?
Specific phobia
According to the biological perspective, a generalized anxiety disorder is
Linked to an imbalance in several neurotransmitters in the nervous system
A disorder in which intruding thoughts that occur again and again are followed bu repetitive, ritualistic behavior meant to lower the anxiety caused by the thoughts is called
What is the best way to describe the positive symptoms of schizophrenia?
An excess or distortion of normal functions
What symptoms of bipolar disorder are present in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?
False sensory perceptions that often take the form of hearing voices are called
In which category of schizophrenia would a person be who remains motionless for long periods of time?
Disorders characterized by disturbances in emotion are known as
Mood disorders
Sheen is diagnosed with schizophrenia. She believes that she is a powerful person who can save the world. She is experiencing
Delusions of gradeur
The emotional stability or instability of a person is described by the ____ factor of the FFM of personality.
The field of ____ is devoted to the study of just how much of a personality is due to inherited traits.
Behavioral genetics
The pleasure principle is associated with which element of Freud's personality theory?
John steals people's money and doesn't feel bad. he has
Antisocial personality disorder
Which of the following best describes dysthymia?
A mild, chronic form of depression
A pychodynamic model holds that abnormal behavior is the result of
Repressed thoughts, memories and concerns
A dissociative disorder characterized by a partial or complete loss of memory for personal information that is usually associated with a stressful or emotionally tramatic experience is known as
Dissociative amnesia
Darcy is sitting at her desk and starts freaking out and feels like she is having a heart attack. She is really having a
Panic attack
According to the cognitive perspective, disordered behavior is the result of
Illogical thinking paterns
An eating disorder characterized by eating binges followed by self-induced vomitting is called