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Procedure steps for the Composite Procedure. This does not include pictures of the instruments.

Basic Set Up

Mouth Mirror
Cotton Pliers


Topical Gel
Cotton Tip Applicator
2x2 gauze
Aspiratin Syringe


Air/Water Syringe
High Volume Evacuator
Saliva Ejector

Take a tooth shade

Tooth shade guide


Rubber Dam Napkin
Rubber Dam
Rubber Dam Punch
Rubber Dam Clamp
Rubber Dam Frame
Rubber Dam Forceps
Scissors & Floss


Conta Angle Highspeed Friction Grip Handpiece
Carbide Burs
Spoon Excavators
& Gingival Margin Trimmers

Cavity Liner

Calcium Hydroxide or Dycal
Mixing Pad or Glass Slab
Mixing Spatula
Calcium Hydroxide or Dycal Instrument


Zinc Phosphate or IRM
Mixing Pad or Glass Slab
Mixing Spatula

Acid Etch

Acid Etch & Rinse

Place Matrix Band

Matrix Retainer with Celluloid strip

Place Wedge



Unidose Bonding or
Multidose Bonding with Composite Dappen Dish

Light Cure

Curing Light

Place Composite/Resin

Composite Gun or
Composite Syringe
Applied with Composite Instruments

Light Cure

Curing Light

Remove Matrix Band & Wedge

Remove Matrix Band
Remove Wedge


Finishing burs
Finishing Strips

Remove Rubber Dam

Remove Rubber Dam

Check the Bite

Articulating Forceps
Articulating Paper


Polishing Paste
Polishing Burs
Polishing Strips

Clean the Tooth

With 2x2 Gauze

Clean the Patient

With 2x2 Gauze

Dismiss the Patient

Walk Patient to the front desk for them to pay for their visit and schedule next appointment.

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