Chapter 3 History review

What was the 1st attempt at setteling?
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What was the House of Burgesses?The first legislative body in English America; colonial representativesWhat is a royal colony?A colony controlled directly by the kingWho started the Anglican Church?King Henry VIIISettlelers in search of religious freedom.Dissenters / Separatists Puritans / Protestants Roman CatholicsWhat are the New England Colonies?Conneticut, Massachusettes, Rhode Island, New HampshireWhen did the Pilgrims take the Mayflower to the New world?1620When was the 1st Thanksgiving?1621Who was the governer of massachusettes bay colony?John WinthropWhen was the Great Migration?1630What was the Great Migration?People left England due to religious persecution and poor economyWho founded the New England coloniesConnecticut- Rev. Thomas Hooker Rhode Island- Roger Williams New Hampshire - est. laterWhat were the middle colonies?New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, DelawareWho was New York named after?The Duke of York after his brother - King Charels - one it over and gave it to himNew JerseyDidn't Prosper, became a Royal ColonyPennsylvaniaWilliam Penn- Quaker Colony; Society of Friends - Religious TolerationWhat does Philadelphia mean?city of brotherly loveDelawaresectioned off from Pennsylvania, Swedish Settlers eventually settled DelawarSouthern ColoniesMaryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, GeorgiaVirginia 1619Slaves and women were added to the colonyMarylandLord Baltimore - Haven for CatholicsTolerationAct of 1629must believe in Jesus ChristWhat was the Mason Dixion Line?demarcation line seperating US statesCarolinasTobacco, 8 nobles rented and sold the land, split to North and South because of dissagreementsGeorgiaJames Oglethorpe in 1733 - Last colony established - Charter from King George III - Colony of Debtors Royal Colony in 1751What were the 13 colonies?New Hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia