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A blood smear from EDTA must be made within how many hours?


What color tube is an alcohol test performed in ?


A gray tube contains what additive?

sodium floride

How many ml are in a blood culture bottle?


When drawing a blood culture what color should be drawn first and why?

Purple, because it is anerobic (it has no air)

Name 3 different test performed in microbiology

Blood cultures, sputums, wounds

Name two tests performed in blood bank

Type and Screen and crossmatch

What is the biggest department of the laboratory


What is the strictist area of the lab department

Blood Bank

Where is bone marrow drawn from

Iliac Crest

Erythrocytes are known as?

Red Blood Cells

What system produces RED blood cells


What hormone produces red blood cells


number 1 nosocomial infection in the U.S.


When doing a bleeding time you should blot every ________ seconds


Nausea, elevated pulse rate, DIC=Bleeding out are all signs or symptoms of ?


Where are ABGs mostly drawn

Radial artery

Where is the Radial artery located

the wrist

What are 2 things that one must be sure of when drawing an ABG

Make sure there is no air in the syringe and immediately put it on ice

What two organizations are responsible for the latest isolation guidelines in hospitals?


Where is a CBC performed


Name 3 test performed in coagulation

D-dimer, PTT or APTT, Bleeding Time (BT)

Patients may come to the blood bank to donate their own blood so that they can recieve an __________ transfusion


Blood for serological testing is collected in tubes with ______ stoppers??


Which laboratory personnel is a medical doctor


Which of the following tests would be delievererd to the chemistry section?
B.Gram Stain
C. Bilirubin
D. Type and Screen

C. Bilirubin

Where is a prothrombin time (PT) test performed?


How does Plasma differ from serum?

Plasma contains fibrinogen

________ Stipulates that all labs that perform testing on human specimens for the purposes of diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, or screening must obtain a certificate from the CMS


The _________ is a non profit organization that publishes recommendations by nationally recognized experts for the performance of laboratory testing


__________ Is an independent, not-for- profit organization that accredits and certifies more than 15,000 health-care organizations and programs in the United States. The mission of this organization is to improve the safety and quality of care provided to the public.

JC- Joint commission

Principles of right and wrong is called the ____________________

Code of Ethics

Which of the following laboratory regulatory agencies classifies laboratory tests by their complexity


A phlebotomist who fials to change gloves and wash hands between patients is not observing the patient safety goals of ?


_______ are defined as standards of right and wrong??


The law that specifically addresses privacy of health information is the ?


An unexpeccted patient death that is not related to the patients illness is termed a ?

Sentinel event

Name the 6 parts of the chain of infection in order

Infectious agent, reservior, portal of exit, the means of transportation, Portal of entry, Reservior.

In the chain of infection, the suceptible host can also become the ?


The order used to put on PPE

Gown, Mask, Gloves

the recommended disinfectant for blood and body fluid contamination is ?

Sodium hypochlorite

Most common type of fire extinguisher


What is it called when the body is standing erect, the head facing forward, and the arms by the sides with the palms facing to the front?

Anatomic position

Toward the back


Above/ in an upward direction


Below/ in a downward direction


Free- moving joints are known as ____ joints


Blood transports oxegyn and carbon dioxide through the ________ in the RBCs


Which additive prevents binding calcium

Potassium EDTA

Some speciments require cooling to slow down what?

The metabolic process

T or F: Skilled public relations can cover up inexperience and insecurity?


Material and Safety Datat Sheet information includes

General and emergency information

A person who has recovered from a particular virus and has developed antibodies agains that virus is said to be


Microbes that can cause disease is also known as


the primary purpose for wearing gloves during phlebotomy procedures is to protect the

Phlebotomist from exposure to the patients blood

Blood vessels of the skin are found only in the

Corium and subcutaneous

A persons pulse is created by a wave of pressure caused by

Ventricular contraction

The external layer of the blood vessel is known as the

tunica adventitia

Which of the following are normally the most numerous of the formed elements
A. Platelets B. RBCs
C. Reticulytes D. WBCs


This ion is essential to the coagulation process


A major cause of respiratory distress in infants and young children is

RSV (respiratory synytial virus infection)

What word is used to describe the breakdown of red blood cells


tube with no additive

Royal blue

What is the purpose of an antiglycolytic agent

It preserves glucose

Which type of test is most affected by tissue thromboplastin cantamination


what test would be most affected by carry over of K2EDTA?


Steps taken to unmistakably connect a specimen and the accompanying paperwork to a specific individual are called?

accessioning the specimen

the term that descrives the thinnest area of blood film


Reference values for this test are higher for capillary specimens


It is necessary to control the depth of lancet insertion during heel puncture to avoid

Injuring the calcaneus

It is incorrect to say that this analyte requires protection from light


Chilling can cause erroneous results for this analyte


ESR determinations on speciments held at room temp must be made within

4 hours

The AMT, ACA and ASCP are agencies that

certify laboratory professionals

What is the name or abbreviation for the federal law that established standards for the electronic exhange of patient info


According to the CLSI, what is the recommended way to clean a vinipuncture site

Cleanse with a circular motion from the center to the periphery

The standard of care used in phlebotomy malpracticee cases is ften based on guidelines from this organization


This is the abbreviation for the federal regulations that establisheed quality standards to ensure the accuracy, relability, and timeliness of patient test results, regardless of the size, type, or location of the laboratory..


A claim of imporoper treatment is known as


What analytes are most affected by exercise prior to specimen collection


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