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Who makes up the counsel of tithing?
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Whose funeral was it where Joseph Smith first mentioned baptisms for the dead?Seymour Brunson'sWhat happened at Seymour Brunson's funeral?Joseph Smith mentioned baptisms for the dead for the first timeWhat did the Lord name the town across the river?ZarahemlaWhat are the Urim and Thummin used for?Translating languages, receiving revelation, and giving warningsWhat is Section 133 called?The AppendixWhat is section 133 about?The 2nd ComingWhat are the Saints commanded to do in verses 1-6 of section 133?Prepare for the 2nd ComingWho were all in Cathrage Jail when the assassinations happened?Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Willard Richards, and John TaylorWhen were Joseph and Hyrum Smith killed?June 27, 1844How many times was John Taylor hit?Four times; once on his pocket watchWho received section 136 of D&C?Brigham YoungWhat section did Brigham Young receive?136Which section of D&C is the Appendix?133