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  1. converse
  2. contradictory
  3. dependent
  4. clutch
  5. stingy
  1. a 모순된
    opposite, paradoxical, contrary
  2. b 인색한
    parsimonious, miserly, mean
  3. c 반대의
    opposite, reverse
  4. d 꽉 붙잡다
    grasp, grab, grip, seize, snatch
  5. e 의존하는
    reliant, relying on

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  1. 감독하다
    direct, oversee, control, manage
  2. 전환하다
    redirect, reroute, avert, deflect, switch
  3. 고대의, 옛날의
    prehistoric, antique, old
  4. 의견; 개념
    opinion, view; concept, general idea
  5. 불변의

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  1. suggestion암시
    implication, hint, overtone


  2. in fact사실상
    actually, precisely, really


  3. underway방법
    method, means


  4. enable구멍
    pit, pore, opening


  5. series비옥한, 풍부한
    fertile, abundant