Sport (British & Irish Studies)

Name a football stadium in London
Emirates Stadium
Name two English premier league football teams
Manchester United, Arsenal
What is an Old Firm match?
Celtic vs Rangers
What happens at Lords?
Cricket Ground
What are the British and Irish Lions?
Rugby teams
Where is the most important annual tennis championship in Britain held?
What was the original name of the Commonwealth Games (before 1954?)
British Empire Games
What sport occurs at Royal Ascot?
Horse Racing
In what discipline did Princess Anne compete in the 1976 Olympics?
In golf, where is the "Old Course"?
St Andrews, Scotland
What is shinty? (Also called camanachd)
Scottish field hockey
What is hurling?
The national sport of Ireland, played with wooden sticks and a ball
What is curling?
A form of ice bowls/bowling with brooms
What is the Derby?
Britains richest horse race
What colour does the Irish rugby team usually play in?