Cultural Literacy List 2

list two flashcards
word or expression that has two different meanings, one of which is bawdy or indelicate
abbreviation meaning "for example"
et al.
abbreviation meaning "and others"
agreeable word or expression substituted for one that is potentially offensive, often having to do with bodily functions, sex, or death
federal programs, such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicade, that disburse money according to fixed formulas to citizens who fall into designated categories
favorite son
political figure nominated for the presidency by his or her state's delegation to the national nominating convention of a major party; honors the nominee and delays committment until more serious contenders for nominationc an be sorted out
fourteenth amendment
amendment to the U.S. Constitution adopted in 1868; primarily concerned with details of reintegrating the southern states after the Civil War and defining some of the rights of recently freed slaves
abbreviation for Grand Old Party, nickname for the Republican Party in U.S.
habeas corpus
legal term meaning thaqt ana ccused person must be presented physically before the court with a statement demonstrating sufficient cause for arrest; accuser may not imprison a person indefinetly w/o bringing that eprson and the charges up against him or her into a courtroom
caveat emptor
"Let the buyer be ware." customer must be cautious and alert to the possibility of being cheated
Cesar Chavez
American laboe leader of the 20th century who in the 1960s organized food harvesters in California
class action law suit
charges advanced in a court by one or more plantiffs on behalf of a large group of others who have a common interest
closed shop
technically, a business in which employees must join a labor union before being hired; this practice is now illegal
punctuation mark (...) used most often with quotations to indicate that something has been left out