Cos students with 350 hours or more/ manicure students with 100 hours or more
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Michigan State Board of CosmetologyName the agency that regulates the cosmetology industry70% alcoholHow can you disinfect sharp implements?Satisfactorily complete the cosmetology study, pass final examination with a score of 75% or higherTo be eligible to participate in the State Board Examination, you must130 hoursHow many hours of cosmetology curriculum must be devoted to sanitation and patron protection?ComplaintAn oral written grievance is calledA wet sanitizerA container that holds a liquid chemical sanitizing agent is calledUse a neck strip or clean towelHow do you prevent cross contamination when draping a client?Wiping with 70% alcohol solution after each useWhat is the rule for sanitizing electrical clipper blades?It is prohibitedWhat is the rule pertaining to preforming services while knowingly having a contagious disease?1 year from the date passedHow long are exam scores valid after passing the state board practical exam?A dry sanitizerClosed cabinet or container holding a fumigant chemical sanitizing agent isStudent apprenticeAn unlicensed individual engaged in learning cosmetology in a cosmetology establishment is considered a70% alcohol and lump alumWhat is prohibited by the State Board to stop bleeding?The governorWho appoints the Michigan State Board of Cosmetology?At least 2 times a yearHow often does Michigan State Board of Cosmetology inspect schools?299Name the Public Act concerning cosmetology7 hours a day, 40 hours a weekWhat is the maximum number of hours a student can receive daily?At least 2 times per yearHow often is the Board required to meet?1 instructor to every 20 studentsWhat is the law pertaining to student/ teacher ratio?A licensed instructor with no less than 3 years experienceA cosmetology school must be under the daily supervision of whom?A wet sanitizerWhile performing a manicure your implements should be kept in what?A licensed cosmetologist who is at least 18 years old, and has no less than 1 year experienceA cosmetology establishment must be under the daily supervision of whom?60How many days after your license expires do you have to renew, permitting you pay all the required fees?Must be discarded after each useExplain the rule regarding hair clippingsStop the procedureWhat is the first step of the blood spill procedure?It is prohibited to carry implements in your pocketsWhat is the rule regarding your pockets?Must be sanitized after each useWhat is the rule regarding the shampoo bowl?Every 2 years, on or before August 31stHow often must a licensed cosmetologist renew their license?9How many members are on the Board of Cosmetology?Annual report; governorThe Board of Cosmetology is required to make an _______________ to ____________.1160In a 1500 hour cosmetology course, it is mandatory for a student to complete a total of _____ MPA's.Good moral character, over 17, passed examination prescribed by the department and boardCosmetologist qualifications include:1500To obtain a cosmetology license, you are required to complete _____ hours of studyCovered when not in useFacial massage cream, facial mask and facial cream should be removed from containers with a spatula andABC- typeOpen flame fusing requires what type of fire extinguisher?ReciprocityIn Michigan, years or months of experience may be substituted for hours of training, this is calledA service performed on a mannequin, student, or patronAn MPA is defined asKeep attire clean and sanitary, wash hands before and after servicing clients, request that a patron wash their hands prior to a manicureIn regard to personal hygiene, a licensee shallIn clearly labeled containers or bagsBlood spill waste should be disposed75%A score of ___ is required to successfully pass the practical portion of the State Board Exam18; residentBoard members must be ___ years of age and a _______ of the state.Formal complaintA ______________ is a document that states the charges of each violation and is prepared by the department of the attorney general after a complaint has been received by the department.15The department shall make a written acknowledgment of a complaint within ___ days after receiving the complaint.ApprenticeAn individual engaged in learning cosmetology in a salon is a16A student must be ___ years of age to enter a cosmetology schoolSubpoenaA person who fails to comply with a _______ is subject to penalty.False advertisingA person who practices ______ is subject to penalty.License and registrationA person is subject to penalty if they practice fraud or deceit when obtainingSodium hypochlorite solutionIn case of a blood spill, clean withRespondentA ________ is a person in which a complaint has been filed againstLimitationA ________ is a condition, constraint, restriction, or probation attached to a license or a registration.5How many members of the Board are to be licensed cosmetologists who have been actively engaged practicing cosmetology for at least 3 years?1How many members of the Board are to be engaged in teaching cosmetology for not less that 3 years and who owns an interest in a school?3How many members of the Board shall represent the general public?In writing; 30If an establishment or school changes ownership or location, the parties shall inform the department of the change _________, within ___ calendar days.LicensingThe topics on the theory portion of the State Board exam include sanitation, disinfection & safety, shampooing and conditioning, haircutting & hairstyling, chemical texture services, haircoloring, skin care, nail care, and$500; 90A person, school, or institution that engages in the practice of cosmetology without a license (guilty of a misdemeanor), is punishable by a fine of not more than _____ or imprisonment for not more than _____ days or both.$1,000; 1A second offense, or any subsequent time of practicing without a license (guilty of a misdemeanor), is punishable of a fine of not more than ______ or imprisonment of not more than __ years.$10,000In the case of a person licensed under Act 299 of 1980 who violates any act, rule or order; one of the penalties may be a _______ administrative fine to be paid to the department.Suspension of a licenseA person, school, or institution that violates this act may also be assessed the following penalty70%A score of ____ is required to successfully pass the theory portion of the State Board Exam.Family membersAn individual shall not render any form of cosmetology services, with or without compensation, on any individual other than _________ without a license under this article.