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study guide for chapter 1

Commercial photographer

a career that involves taking pictures of subjects such as people, buildings or merchandise to be used in a variety of media.

Copyright laws

laws designed to protect intellectual property rights

Desktop publisher

a career that involves designing and creating the graphics that accompanies text as well as page layouts

Desktop publishing

using a computer and software program to produce high quality, printed documents that combine text and graphics.

Digital media

using technology to convey information

Fair use

a section of the U.S. copyright law that allows the use of copyrighted works in reporting news, conducting research, and teaching


Software that is free to use.

Graphic designer

a career that involves designing or creating graphics to meet specific commercial or promotional needs


a computer-based communication process that incorporates text, graphics, sound, animation, and video


someone who takes photographs professionally

Public domain

property rights that are held by the public at large


prepared material that can be used, legally, without paying a fee to the artist, publishing company, etc.


software that is available free of charge


a name, symbol, or other device identifying a product; it is officialy registered with the U.S. government and its use is legally restricted to its owner


a career involved in the production of video material

Website developer

a career that involves designing, creating, and modifying websites

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