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7065 Parenting and Child Development Public Schools of North Carolina approved course vocabulary

safety needs

A basic need for the sense of security

freedom from danger

Feeling free from harm

sense of security

A feeling of being safe


"In an unharmed, uninjured, or undamaged condition"


Untroubled by feelings of fear or doubt

secure environment

"A surrounding or situation where harm, damage, or loss is unlikely"


"To make something safe for children to use, or safe against damage or tampering by children"


A portable weapon that fires ammunition such as a pistol or rifle

food allergies

An immune system response to a food that the body perceives as harmful

food poisoning

Results from eating foods that contain bacteria or their toxic byproducts


"To deprive somebody of air or prevent somebody from breathing, or be unable to breathe"

lead poisoning

A medical condition caused by toxic levels of the metal lead in the blood


Hazadous material that may be found in homes build prior to 1978

electronic devices

"Relating to devices, systems, or circuits that employ components such as vacuum tubes, integrated circuits, or transistors in their design e.g., are computer, Ipod, etc. "

physical safety

Free from bodily harm

Internet safety

Rules for the safe use of the Internet for children

domestic volience

"Violence within the home which includes the use of physical and sexual violence, threats and intimidation, emotional abuse and denying of finances"

world events

Things that happen once in a while but are major events


"The exchange of information between people by means of speaking, writing, or using a common system of signs or behavior"


The process of doing something in order to achieve a purpose

United Way

"A national network of local organizations that work to advance the common good by focusing on education, income and health"

Red Cross

An international organization dedicated to the medical care of the sick or wounded in wars and natural disasters

Social Services

A government agency that provides social services to individuals or a community

Employment Security Commission

An agency that helps people find jobs

Health Department

An agency that provides medical care to people who cannot afford medical help

faith-based group

A group that provides not only financial support but also spiritual, volunteer and community support

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