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You discover there are several kinds of law and that some laws are procedural and other laws are substantive. What do you think procedural law covers?
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You are the manager of a sandwich shop called Buns-R-Us, which has twelve employees. The corporate office has a very robust ethical code of conduct for employee behavior and has trained each employee on it. On a personal level, you disagree with some of the rules. And, because you are the manager, you choose not to follow them.
When your employees see that you, as the manager, do not follow the rules, what's the likely consequence?
Which of the following represent two of the potential financial costs of reporting unethical behavior? Choose 2 answer choices.the loss of top performing employees penalties, fines, and lawsuits against the companyYou recently had an accident on the job. Some equipment fell on you causing a serious injury, and your medical bills alone are likely to be over $85,000. You claim an outside vendor who was working on the equipment that day created the problem that caused the injury, and you want to sue. You live and work in Texas, and the outside vendor is a resident of Oklahoma. Where do you think you should file the lawsuit?in either federal or state courtFederal courts have exclusive subject matter jurisdiction over which of the following? Choose 2 answer choices.Bankruptcies Patent/trademark/copyright casesA court has personal jurisdiction over a party in which of the following circumstances? Choose 2 answer choices.When the party's property at issue in the case exists within the geographic boundaries of the authority of the court When a party brings a case in its courtAn arbitrator is different than a mediator because an arbitrator:has the authority to make a binding award.Which of the following are the TWO types of ADR that results in parties voluntarily signing a settlement agreement rather than proceeding to trial? Choose 2 answer choices.Negotiation MediationWhich of the following lists the steps of a trial in the correct chronological order from beginning to end?Jury selection, opening statements, plaintiff's case, defendant's caseWhat are two types of challenges an attorney can make during voir dire?Challenge for cause Peremptory challenges