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Interval between 2 events. Measure of a duration.
Time Interval: Difference between 2 clock times.


Amount of matter present in an object. Fundamental quantity. SI unit is Kg.


The amount of 1 dimensional space between 2 real numbers. Usually used for horizontal small distances.


Measurement of the average KE molecules in a system. Measured with a thermometer.


Similar to length. Usually used to describe great length. Always used in physics labs when describing motion.


How fast an object travels. Rate of change of distance.


Rate of change of speed or velocity. Faster/slower. Speed - positive or negative sign indicates speeding up or slowing down.


Push or a pull. A force that causes an object to undergo a change in motion. Described in the 2nd law.


Force applied/ area of application units = n/m2(squared) = pascals


The mass per unit volume of a substance. Mass/volume. Units = kg/m3(cubed). Used for identification.


Resistance to change used in first law. Either applies to objects at rest (remaining at rest) or moving uniformly (constant speed, unchanging duration). It is proportional to an object's mass.


The capacity to do work or transfer heat. 2 classes of energy: potential and kinetic. The forms of energy fall into any of these classes: heat, electrical, KE motion, sound KE, chemical nuclear magnetism, PE of position.


Form of energy that "flows" between 2 samples of matter due to their difference in temperature.


Quantity with size units but no direction. Fundametal Qualities are: scales, temperature, time, length, and mass.


Quantity with size units and direction. Denoted by arrow over variable symbol. Examples: velocity, displacement, acceleration, and momentum.

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