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  1. bushes of oats, wheat, corn, cotton, oil, sorghum
  2. contains opinion
  3. graph that shows maximum combination of goods and services that can be
  4. per unit
  5. countries and government must consider and deal with trade offs in order to provide health care. a country may not be able to support the military
  6. military goods, buildings factories, equipment, business computers

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  1. microeconomicsdeals with economics on a national and international scale and factors such GDP, employment issues, inflation, and politics(all compared)


  2. positive economicsis about facts


  3. butterfood, clothing, shoes, cars, and houses


  4. individual trade offsvalue of what you give up or what you trade off


  5. GDPmilitary goods, buildings factories, equipment, business computers


  6. factors of productiontry to maximize utility


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