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Durocs have considerable variation in color. An acceptable color may range from a very light golden, almost yellow color, to a very dark red that approaches mahogany. The red is a very practical color that suits pork producers, and since it is a solid color there is not concern about fancy points of proper markings. Durocs have a medium length and slight dish of the face. The ears should be drooping and should not be held erect


These hogs are black with a white belt that extends from one front leg, over the shoulder, and down the other front leg. They have erect ears and are popular for their lean, meaty carcasses


They exhibit a long, big frame and are white with erect ears


WHITE They have very large, floppy ears, are long-bodied

Chester White

Solid white, these pigs have medium sized, droopy ears


White with black spot


Black with six white points (nose, tail, and legs), these hogs have erect ears and a short, dished snout


black faces and legs and wool on the legs and head


They are a large breed with a distinctive all-black head and legs that are free of


an all white sheep of medium size having good body length and muscle conformation to produce a desirable carcass


an alert, compact animal with a distinctive Roman-nose, bare face, prick ears and bulky fleece


medium to large in size, with dark faces and wool on the legs.


with a fine, dense wool of even colour, not black


have black hair and skin.


white to light straw in color.


Simmental color patterns vary from red
and white spotted, to fawn or straw colored, to dark red, to black.


range in color from golden red to black. These
large, muscular cattle


characteristics of these cattle are their horns, which usually curve upward and are sometimes tilted to the rear, their ears, which are generally large and pendulous, and the throatlatch and dewlap, which have a large amount of excess skin.


cattle can be red, white, or roan in color


brownish red in color with a white
face, chest, underline, and switch


are white-faced, hornless, and relatively large in size and are prolific breeders.

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