Literacy Skills & Consumer Educational Needs Quiz

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Which of the following factors is most likely to limit the usability of information technology because of the human technology interface?
A. limited health and computer literacy skills
B. size of keypads and screens for devices
C. amount of memory in handheld devices
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Which of the following statements explains why it is important that nurses learn to evaluate electronic and published health information?
A. I can use electronic info when teaching clients
B. I can improve outcomes with accurate/current info
C. I can identify additional areas of study or research by eval current info
A new nurse is determining whether he should share info found in a journal. Which of the following explains the importance of disseminating info found in current things?
A. experienced clinicians can assist the new nurse in understanding the info
B. the nurse may have identified the need for a change
C. the nurse may lack the skill or knowledge to implement the change
Which of the following statements indicates that the nurse needs more edu related to using electronic sources to promote health lit?
A. I can look for the HON or eHealth code when selecting websites to share with my clients
B. I make sure the internal links are working
C. I can print the info from the websites and share it with clients