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alcanzar una meta

to reach a goal


to learn

asistir a las clases

To attend classes

comprometerse a (hacer algo)

to commit oneself to (doing something)

enfocarse en

to focus (oneself) on; to be focused on


to teach

entender [ie]

to understand

estudiar para los exámenes

to study for exams

hacer los deberes

to do homework / assignments

hacer un esfuerzo

to make an effort

llegar a tiempo

to arrive on time

no llegar retrasado,-a

not to arrive late

hacerle buenas preguntas al profesor

to ask the teacher good questions

llenar las solicitudes universitarias

to fill out college applications


to attain; top achieve

matricularse en la universidad

to enroll or register for college / university

mejorar la actitud

to improve one's attitude

organizar el tiempo

to organize time

practicar / estudiar en línea

to practice / to study online

prestar / poner atención

to pay attention

sacar buenas / malas notas

to get good / bad grades

ser admitido,-a en la Universidad de ______

to be accepted to _____ University


to excel; to do well


to improve oneself

tomar apuntes

to take notes

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