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Renaissance stuff

Italian Renaissance
a rebirth of learning
Europe suffered from what during the Middle Ages?
war and plague
what was the most powerful institution?
how was the church divided?
roman catholic (west)
orthodox (east)
Where did the Renaissance begin?
northern Italy
what are the dates for Renaissance?
what was revived during Renaissance?
classical Greece and Rome
why is Italy the birthplace of Renaissance?
thriving cities, wealthy merchant class, classical heritage
overseas trade that crossed Italy had been spurred by what?
where did city-states usually develop?
northern Italy
horrendous disease during this time
Bubonic Plague
how did the plague work in the favor of workers?
higher wages could be demanded
most important city-states
Milan and Florence
merchants vs. nobles
merchants didn't inherit their social rank, they worked for it
what form of government did Florence have?
what family became dominant in Florence?
who was the most famous family member of the Medici family?
what was Lorenzo's political position?
what famous book was advice to Lorenzo?
The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
what is usury?
taking interest
what influenced Italians to be interested in classical art and learning?
ruins of Rome
where had Latin manuscripts been preserved?
what happened in 1453 that impacted the Renaissance?
turks conquered Constantinople
history, literature, and philosophy
wanted to experience the world
people who supported the arts
what is a person described as if they excel in many fields?
universal or Renaissance
who was the greatest Renaissance man?
Baldassare Castiglione
what family ruled Ferrara?
what book made Castiglione famous?
The Courtier
who painted Castiglione's portrait?
who painted Isabella's portrait?
what was the name for most baptistries?
St. John the Baptist
who won the contest to paint the doors?
Lorenzo Ghiberti
for what amazing structure is Brunelleschi known?
dome of Santa Maria del Fiore
what else is Brunelleschi famous for?
first great master of architecture and rediscovering mathematical perspective
who was the first great master of sculpturing and rediscovered techniques such as contrapposta?
who was the first great master of painting and was first to use mathematical perspective in his painting?
what great artist is known for his two great works using mathematical perspective?
why weren't Middle Age artists into using perspective?
the church was interested in such techniques, and that is who paid them, so they weren't taught
where was most artwork located and why was is there?
church, to tell stories
what did Donatello and Michaelangelo have in common?
they both sculpted David
what was Leaonardo's most famous religious work?
The Last Supper
what was Leonardo's most famous portrait and most likely most famous painting in the world?
Mona Lisa
where is "The Last Supper"?
what did Michaelangelo the most significant of the arts? why?
the creation of the nude, male figure for historical and religious reasons
where are most of Michaelangelo's paintings?
for what is Raphael known?
beautiful paintings of the Madonna and Child
who are the Madonna and Child?
Mary and Jesus
who were Anguissola and Gentileschi?
some of the first female painters
what does vernacular mean?
native language
what is the origin of the Romance languages?
what are the 5 Romance languages?
Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, Romania
to what family of languages does Latin belong?
what is the origin of English?
who is called the father of Renaissance humanism?
Petrarch of Italy
in what languages did Petrarch write?
Italian and Latin
how many lines are in a sonnet?
who was Laura?
Petrarch's inspiration
who is the author of Decameron?
why is the title Decameron?
it shows both comic and tragic views of life
what is the english equivalent of Decameron?
Canteberry Isles
what was Machiavelli's most famous work?
the prince
what was the prince about?
giving rulers the advice that it was better to be feared than to be loved