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Heart Qi Deficiency

KEY SX: palpitations, tiredness, empty pulse.

Palpitations, SOB on exertion, pale face, spontaneous sweating, tiredness, slight depression.

T: Pale or normal
P: Empty. In severe cases the HT pulse could feel slightly overflowing and empty

HT-5: tonifies HT qi
PC-6: tonifies HT qi and assists with sadness
UB-15: back-shu of HT, tonifies HT qi. Use moxa.
REN-17: gathering pt. for qi, tonifies UJ and HT qi
REN-6: tonifies whole body's qi, including HT qi
DU-14: tonifies HT qi. Use moxa.
(all tonify)

Heart Yang Deficiency

KEY SX: palpitations, cold hands, deep-weak pulse

Palpitations, SOB on exertion, tiredness, spontaneous sweating, a slight feeling of stuffiness or discomfort in the HT region, feeling of cold, cold hands, bright pale face, slightly dark lips.

T: Pale, slightly wet
P: Deep-Weak (knotted in severe cases)

HT-5 tonify qi
PC-6 tonify qi
UB-15 tonify HT yang if moxa used
REN-17 infl pt of qi, ton. HT yang if moxa
REN-6 w/ moxa tonifies all yang energies
DU-14 w/ moxa tonifies HT yang
(all tonify)

Heart Yang Collapse

KEY SX: cyanosis of lips, hidden-minute pulse, cold limbs

Palpitations, SOB, weak and shallow breathing, profuse sweating, cold limbs, cyanosis of lips, grayish-white complexion, in severe cases coma.

T: Very pale or bluish-purple, short
P: Hidden-minute, knotted

R-4 rescue yang qi and stop sweating
R-6 rescue yang qi and stop sweating
R-8 rescue yang qi and stop sweating
(MOXA on ginger or aconite for all 3)
DU-4 w/ moxa tonifies KD yang
ST-36 strengthen HT yang
PC-6 strengthen HT yang
UB-23 w/ moxa strengthen KD yang
DU-20 direct moxa promotes resuscitation, meeting point of yang channels
DU-14 can tonify HT yang w/ direct moxa
UB-15 can tonify HT yang w/ direct moxa
(all tonify)

Heart Blood Deficiency

KEY SX: palpitations, insomnia, poor memory, pale tongue

Palpitations, dizziness, insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep, poor memory, anxiety, propensity to be startled, dull-pale complexion, pale lips.

T: pale, thin, slightly dry
P: choppy or fine

HT-7 nourish HT xue and calms mind,
PC-6 ton. HT qi and calms mind
R-14 ton HT xue, calms mind w/ anxiety
R-15 ton HT xue, calms mind w/ anxiet
R-4 supplements qi, front mu of SI + ton xue
UB-17 influential pt. of xue + ton xue
UB-20 shu of SP, produces xue + ton xue

Heart Fire Blazing

KEY: tongue ulcers, thirst, palpitations, red tongue

Palp, thirst, mouth and tongue ulcers, mental restlessness, feeling agitated, feeling of heat, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, red face, dark urine or hematuria, bitter taste (after a bad night's sleep).

T: red, tip redder with swollen red points, yellow coating. May be center crack to tip.
P: full, rapid, overflowing, esp. L cun pos.

HT-9 & HT-8 clear HT fire
HT-7 calms mind
R-15 calms mind and clears heat
SP-6 & KD-6 promote yin and cool fire, even tho there may be no yin xu
LI-11 clears heat
D-24 & DU-19 calms mind

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