Learning (Identifying Situations Study Guide)

UCS- root canal
UCR- pain
CS- drill
CR- fear
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fixed intervalgetting the clothes out of the dryer once it buzzesfixed ratiogoing up a staircase to reach a landing with a nice viewfixed ratiodoing 20 pushups to help stay fitvariable ratioplaying bingofixed intervalgetting a paycheck at the end of two weeksvariable intervalrandom drug testingvariable ratioa strike in bowlingvariable intervalcalling your mechanic to see if your car is fixedfixed ratiofrequent flyer program where on gets a free flight after a specific number of miles flownvariable ratiochild screams and cries in store to get what he wants, every so often it worksfixed intervalchild who likes to hear theme music from Jeopardy every night at 7PMvariable ratiotrying to find a parking spot in city with a meter that worksfixed intervalwhile on vacation, the porch house light turns on every night at 5pmvariable intervalwating for a sunny day to go to the beachvariable intervalsurfer waiting for the perfect wavevariable ratiolooking under rocks for wormsnegative punishmenta student is dropped from all of his classes for cheating on a testpositive reinforcementa mother smiles whenever her child utters "mama"positive punishmentat a party, a husband becomes sullen when his wife flirts witha colleague.positive reinforcementat your office, the Employee of the Month gets a reserved parking spacenegative punishmenta child is put in a chair facing the corner for misbehavingpositive reinforcementa child receives $5 for earning good gradesnegative reinforcementa rat presses a lever to terminate electric shocknegative reinforcementa wife is nagging her husband to take out the trashnegative reinforcementa man uses a condom to reduce the risk of STDsnegative punishmenta prisoner loses TV priveleges for a week for a rule violationnegative punishmenta father refuses to allow his daughter to attend a sleep-over after discover she stole a candy bar from the storepositive reinforcementa parent puts a quarter in a child's piggy bank for each "nice" thing the child doesnegative reinforcmenta parent removes a quarter for each "mean or selfish" thing the child doesnegative punishmentany day that Kelly forgets to do her homework, her parents send her to bed after dinner.positive punishmentJohn doesn't go to the dentist until a tooth really hurts.positive reinforcementa student jumps up & down and yells "me, me!" until the teacher calls on her and now the child jumps up and down even more