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Maintaining and Protecting Hardware-Lesson 3

A combination of hardware and software that creates a buffer between an internal network and the Internet to prevent unauthorized access.
Expert computer users who invade someone else's computer either for personal gain or simply for the satisfaction of being able to do it.
Communications hardware device that facilitates the transmission of data
Parallel ports
Computer ports that can transmit data eight bits at a time; usually used by a printer.
Plug and play
Technology that allows a hardware component to be attached to a computer so that it is automatically configured by the operating system, without user intervention.
Serial ports
Computer ports that can transmit data one bit at a time; often used by a modem or a mouse.
Surge protectors
Devices that protect electronic equipment from variations in electric current.
Analyzing problems to correct faults in the system.
Uninterruptible power supply
A battery power source that provides electric current during a power outage.
Universal serial bus
Standard for computer ports that support data transfer rates of up to 12 million bits per second.
A computer program that is written to cause corruption of data.