Windows 7 and Internet Terms

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Information Processing Cycle

The way in which a computer process information to make decisions

Four Segments to the Information Processing Cycle



Involves devices used to get data into the computer so it can be processed

Input Devices

Touch Pad
Digitizing Pen
Drawing tablet
Touch Screem


This involves the computer to calculate numbers, editing text , modifying pictures and other information management tasks. The brain of the computer, CPU, handles theses tasks .


Central Processing Unit The brain of the computer where the processing data takes place.

Clock Speed

The rate at which the CPU can process data

Memory Chips

Is the hardware that provides the workspace for the data and instructions the computer is processing


Randam Access Memory
This is the user workspace because the CPU has quick access to it
Considered Volatile or temporaary becasue it disappears after the computer is shut off


Read Only Memory
Non Volatile and contains the getting started intsructions that the computer needs when the power is turned on
The user can not make changes to it


Is the processed information that can be used immediately or stored in computer usable form later
Examples are


Refers to recodring the output so that it will be avaiable after the computer / program has been shut down

Storage Devices

Referred to as Drives


are the sockets that the input/output/storage devices are plugged into


Universal Serial Bus
The most comman peripheral/ port used today

Computer Software

Refers to the operating systema nd applications that allow computers to process the data we put into it

Operating Systems Software

contains the basic instructions for the computer to function
Windows 7

Applications Software

Allows the computer to process the information.
Word Processing Word 2010
Spreadsheets Excel 2010
Database Access 2010
Presentation PowerPoint 2010
Graphics and Drawing Adobe Illustartor , Microsoft Paint


Are Created when people want to share something such as Internet connection and printers


Local Area Network
This type of network is when the computers are physically connected to each via a central hub called a switch


Wide Area Network
LANS are connected to one other to created a WAn . The pathway is not "owned" by the LAn therefore the data has to go in the "public" to reach its destination such as a leased phone line or the Internet.


Are the computer workstation where the end users run various applications


are data providers that are often larger and more powerful than the clients


The main portion of the screen when Windows is loaded


is the device that is controls the pointer your location on teh screen


Position the mouse pointer on a desired item


Quickly tap a button usually the left button on the mouse once

Double Click

Tap the left mouse button twice in succession


Press and hold down the mouse button , move the mouse pointer to a specific location and then release the mouse button

Task Bar

Bar that displays at the bottom of the desktop and contains three areas
Start Button/ Area
Task Button / Area
Notification Area


A defined work Area


where a SINGLE document is saved


Where you store and organize files Often contains MANY files


is used to select ADJACENT files/folders


is used to select NON ADJACENT files/folders


are specialized icons that are very small files that point the operating system to the actual item

Word Pad

Windows Accessory Program used for Word Processing


A Windows Accessory Program used for drawing. Saves the files as BITMAP which are hard to edit

Power Saving Options STAND BY

Computers switches to low power state causing some devices such as the monitor and hard drives to shut off

Power Saving Options HIBERNATE

Computer saves everything in memory on disks turns off teh monitor and then turns off the computer


Internet Service Provider
Offers service toits customers

Web Browser

A software program that allows you to view text, images and other content stored on a web page on the internet


Uniform Resource Locator
Method used to identify locations on the Internet
Often referred to as a web address

Understanding URLS

http is the language used to transfer data on the Internet
last part is the domain to which the server belongs to

Domains Examples

.com commercial
.edu education
.gov government
.mil miliraty


New Term describing computer programs that have malicious intent against your computer


Type of malware that is a string of code written by someoine who wants to hurt other by damaging or destorying their computer. Typically spread by email by attaching itsef to another file


Type of malware that is a self replicating computer program that distributes iteslf via a network. It does not attach itself to another file.


A type of malware that masquerades are a useful program


A type of malware that tracks your activity as your surf the internet and reports the actvity to companies that want to sell their products or steal your identity


A type of malware taht looks at files on your computer and then sends you pop-ups advertisements that try to sell you products and services


A type of malware that is a method of convicing people to reveal confidental information such as passwords credit card numbers and social security numbers

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