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AP Psych Ch. 04 - Adolescence & Adulthood


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The period of extending from the onset of puberty to early adulthood
The period during which the reproductive system matures; it begins with an increase in the production of sex hormones, which signals the end of childhood
Secondary Sex Characteristics
The genetically determined physical features that differentiate the sexes but are not directly involved with reproduction
Imaginary Audience
A cognitive distortion experienced by adolescents, in which they see themselves as always "on stage" with an audience watching
Personal Fable
A cognitive distortion experienced by adolescents, in which they believe they are so special and unique that other people cannot understand them and risky behaviors will not harm them
Longitudinal Study
A research method that focuses on a specific group of individuals at different ages to examine changes that have occurred over time
Cross-sectional Studies
A type of research design that compares individuals of different ages to determine how they differ
Gender Identity
A person's sense of being male or female
Gender Schema Theory
The theory that children and adolescents use gender as an organizing theme to classify and interpret their perceptions about the world and themselves
Anorexia Nervosa
An eating disorder characterized by an obstinate and willful refusal to eat, a distorted body image, and an intense fear of being fat
Having both stereotypically male and stereotypically female characteristics
Bulimia Nervosa
An eating disorder characterized by repeated episodes of binge eating (and a fear of not being able to stop eating) followed by purging
Prejudice against the elderly and the resulting discrimination against them
Impairment of mental functioning and global cognitive abilities in otherwise alert individuals, causing memory loss and related symptoms and typically having a progressive nature
Alzheimer's Disease
A chronic and progressive disorder of the brain that is the most common cause of degeneration dementia
The study of the psychological and medical aspects of death and dying
first menstrual period
the cessation of the ability to reproduce