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  1. similar figures
  2. range
  3. conjecture
  4. function notation
  5. arithmetic sequence
  1. a to write a rule in function notation, you use the symbol f(x) in place of y
  2. b figures that have the same shape but not necessarily the same size
  3. c A conclusion based on guesswork or insufficient evidence
  4. d The difference between the highest and lowest scores in a set of data
  5. e adding a fixed number to each previous term

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  1. a V-shaped graph that points upward or downward
  2. The experimental factor that is manipulated; the variable whose effect is being studied.
  3. a function in the form y=kx where k=0
  4. the fixed number added to each previous term
  5. Two or more inequalities joined together by "and" or "or"

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  1. identityA statement that compares two quantities using <, >, ≤,≥, or ≠


  2. exponenta mathematical notation indicating the number of times a quantity is multiplied by itself


  3. consecutive integersWhole numbers and their opposites


  4. standerd form of a linear equationan equation whose graph is a line.


  5. integersWhole numbers and their opposites