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  1. solution
  2. constant of variation
  3. reciprocals
  4. coordinate plane
  5. term
  1. a A plane formed by the intersection of a horizontal number line called the x-axis and a vertical number line called the y-axis
  2. b k is the coefficient of x. The variables y and x are said to vary directly with each other
  3. c a number, a variable, or the product of a number and a variable
  4. d a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem
  5. e two numbers whose product is 1

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  1. A pair of opposite angles formed when two lines meet at a point
  2. a triangle that has at least 2 congruent sides
  3. making conclusions based on patterns you observe
  4. adding the opposite
  5. The experimental factor that is manipulated; the variable whose effect is being studied.

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  1. functiona mathematical sentence with an equal sign


  2. termeach number in a sequence


  3. line of best fitan equation whose graph is a line.


  4. correlation coeficiantA set of ordered pairs


  5. translationa shift of a graph horizontally, vertically, or both


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