18 terms

theology chapter 1

god becoming human in Jesus
means "to call out of"
Pope John Paul II
said that faith is "contact with the mystery of God"
essential truths and maintain identity
faith requires structures to preserve...
creeds, doctrines, rituals
3 structures
nicene creed
what contains the most essential truths of Christianity?
council of Constantinople
when were the mark added to the creed?
means "to be set a part"
poverty, chasity, obedience
evangelical counsels
means "having been sent"
effort to reunite all Christians into one Church
This word means "acting through" and is used to describe the Catholic understanding that God acts through the created world.
This word describes a negative situation in which all people in the Church agree about everything, and do everything in the same way
pregnant woman
image/symbol used to describe the Church as the sign and reality of the Kingdom of God.
model that emphasizes the fact that the Church is part of the larger human family, sharing the concerns of the rest of humanity
model is favored by many Protestants and stresses that the life of the Church must be governed by Scripture
community of disciples
model highlights the need for a free, conscious personal commitment from each Christian in a very hostile, secularized society
model challenges the Church to become an ever more tangible and credible sign of Christ.