34 terms


squamous epithelium
flat cells
cubodial epithelium
cube shaped cells
columnar epithelium
tall cells, like a column
simple epithelium
one cell layer thick
stratified epithelium
several cell layers
pseudostratified epithelium
stratified (several cell layers) "wanna be" looks like several layers but only 1
endocrine gland
ductless glands, secrete hormones directly into the blood
exocrine gland
secretes substances outward through a duct
act as chemical messengers to regulate specific body functions
collagen fibers
most abundant fiber found in the matrix of connective tissue
young, actively mitotic cell that forms the fibers of connective tissue
connective tissue proper
has 2 substances, loose connective & dense connective
loose connective tissue
areolar, adipose, and reticular
adipose tissue
fat tissues, greater nutrient storing ability
reticular connective tissue
only fibers in the matrix, support many free blood cells in lymph, spleen, and bone marrow
dense regular tissue
contains closely packed bundles of collagen fibers running in the same direction
dense irregular tissue
bundles of collagen fibers are THICKER and arranged irregularly
intermediate between dense connective tissue and bone
hyaline cartilage
"gristle", most abundant cartilage type in the body
elastic cartilage
more elastic fibers
a perfect structural intermediate between hyaline and dense regular connnective tissue
rocklike hardness, ability to support and protect body structures
osseous tissue
another term for bone
the fluid within blood vessels, consists of blood cells
highly specialized nerve cells that generate and conduct nerve cells
muscle tissue
highly cellular, responsible for most types of body movement
skeletal muscle
attached to the bones of the skeleton
smooth muscle
cells have no visible striations, found in the walls of hollow organs (digestive, urinary tract, uterus, blood vessels)
cardiac muscle
found only in the walls of the heart, help propel blood through the blood vessels to all parts of body
voluntary muscle
skeletal muscle contraction, under our conscious control
involuntary muscle
muscle that can't ordinarily be controlled voluntarily
cutaneous membrane
SKIN, thick layer of dense irregular connective tissue
mucous membranes
line body cavities that open to the exterior
serous membrane
moist membranes found in control ventral body cavities