Chapter 20 Textbook Questions: Conditions Occuring During Pregnancy

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A woman is admitted with a diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. For which procedure should the nurse prepare?
A. Immediate Surgery
B. bed rest 4 weeks
C. internal uterine monitoring
D. IV admin of tocolytic
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After teaching a woman who has had an evacuation for gestational trophoblastic disease (hydatidiform mole or molar pregnancy) about her condition, which statement indicates that the nurses teaching was successful?
A. i wont use my birth control pills for at least a year or 2
B. my intake of iron will have to be closely monitored for 6 months
C. i will be sure to avoid getting pregnant for at least 1 year
D. my BP will continue to be increased for about 6 more months
A pregnant patient with a history Of premature cervical dilation undergoes cervical cerclage. Which outcome indicates that this procedure has been successful?
A. The client delivers a full-time fetus at 39 weeks
B. The client has reduced shortness of breath and abdominal pain during the pregnancy
C. The clients membranes spontaneously rupture at week 30
D.The client experiences minimal vaginal bleeding throughout pregnancy
The nurses identifying nursing diagnoses for a client with gestational hypertension. Which diagnosis would be most appropriate for this client?
A. ineffective tissue perfusion related to vasoconstriction of blood vessels
B. ineffective tissue perfusion related to poor heart contraction
C. risk for injury related to fetal distress
D. imbalanced nutrition related to decreased sodium
A client with a history of cervical insufficiency is seen for reports of pink discharge and pelvic pressure. The primary care provider decides to perform a cervical cerclage. The nurse teaches the client about the procedure. Which client response indicates that the teaching has been effective? A. A cervical cap is placed so no amniotic fluid can escape B. purse string sutures are placed in the cervix to prevent it from dilating C. Staples are put in cervix to prevent it from dilating D. The cervix is glued shut so no amniotic fluid can escapeBA pregnant client with hyperemesis gravidarum Needs advice on how to minimize nausea and vomiting. Which instructions should the nurse give this client? A: Decrease carbonated beverages B. Eat small frequent meals throughout the day C. Avoid dry crackers toast and soda D. Lie down or recline for at least two hours after eatingBA nurse is caring for a pregnant client with fallopian tube rupture. Which intervention is the priority for this client? A. monitor HCG B. FHR C. vital signs and bleeding D. mass with transvaginal ultrasoundCA nurse is documenting a dietary plan for a pregnant client with pre-gestational diabetes. What instructions should the nurse include in the dietary plan for this client? A. Include more dairy products B. at least one egg per day C. Include complex carbohydrates in the diet D. only 2 meals per dayCA woman is being closely monitored and treated for severe preeclampsia with magnesium sulfate. Which founding would alert the nurse to the development of magnesium toxicity in the client? A. seizures B. serum magnesium of 6.5 C. elevated liver enzymes D. diminished reflexesDWow assessing a pregnant woman, the nurse suspect that the client may be at risk for hydramnios based on which factor? Select all that apply. A. shortness of breath B. fundal height below that for expected gestational age C. difficulty obtaining FHR D. history of diabetes E. identifiable fetal parts on abdominal palpationA, C, DA woman with gestational hypertension experience as a seizure. Which intervention with the nurse identify as the priority? A. oxygenation B. birth of fetus C. control of HTN D. fluid replacementAAfter an examination, a client has been determined to have an unruptured at topic pregnancy. Which medication with the nurse anticipate being prescribed? A. promethazine B. ondansetron C. methotrexate D. oxytocinCA nurse is caring for a pregnant client with gestational diabetes. Which meal should the nurse recommend for this client? A. pizza, corn, orange slices B. baked turkey, brown rice, strawberries C. steak, baked potato with butter, ice cream D. baked chicken, green beans, chocolate cakeBA client suffering a miscarriage at 12 weeks gestation is very upset that the healthcare provider has ordered a D&C. How should the nurse respond after the client states she didn't have a D&C the time she lost a previous baby at five weeks A. this procedure is ordered by the doctor B. this procedure is needed to adequately remove all fetal tissue C. you have the option to refuse surgery D. having the D&C will make it easier to get pregnant next timeB