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Scatter plotA graph that is used to help one see the type of relation, if any that may exist between two variables is calledBest fit lineA linear function that represents a plot of dat is called theCoordinatesThe location, or ordered pair, on a coordinate system denoted as (x,y) is called whatUndefined, zeroThe slope of a vertical line is _______ and the slope of a horizontal line is _______continuous graphA graph that any viewer can look at and see the obvious continuation is called anSlopeThe rate of change of a line is calledUnit circlea circle with a radius of 1, centered at the origin x^2+y^2=1RangeThe set of all outputs of a functionOddThe function f is ______ fir every number x is in its domain, the number -x is also in the domain and f(x)=-f(x)DomainThe set of input values of a function.y=x^2Square functionindependent, dependentI'd f is a function defined by the equation y=f(x),then x is called the ______ variable and y is called the _____ variableRelationA correspondence between two sets is called af(b)-f(a)/b-aaverage rate of change