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Action potential
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If the receptor site for a neurotransmitter were completely blockedsynaptic transmission would failBundle of white matter in the cerebrum are know astractsWhere is the sensation of touch processedprimary somatosensory cortexA reflex with a single synapse between the sensory and motor neuron within the spinal cord is known as amonosynaptic reflexThe ramps communicant is associated only with the sympathetic divisiontruewhere are the cell bodies of somatic motor neurons locatedanterior horn of spinal gray mattershallow grooves on the surface of the cortex are calledsulciGateway to the cerebral cortexthalamushelps with motor learningcerebellumsurvival center; contain cardiovascular and respiratory centerbrainstemcontrols autonomis nervous systemhypothalamusWhich of the following complements the flexion (withdrawal) reflexcrossed-extension reflexSummation that results from multiple synapses stimulating the postsynaptic neuron at the same time is:spatial summationThe posterior roots along the spinal cord contain _______ neurons, while the posterior rami contain ______ neurons.Sensory; mixedSelect the statement that is most correct. 1.The cell bodies of afferent ganglia are located in the spinal cord 2.The dorsal root ganglion is a motor only structure 3.Ganglia are collections of neuron cell bodies in the spinal cord that are associated with efferent fibers 4.Ganglia associated with afferent nerve fibers contain cell bodies of sensory neuronsGanglia associated with afferent nerve fibers contain cell bodies of sensory neuronsTodd was startled when the door slammed shut. What part of the brainstem is responsible?MidbrainWhich of the following accurately describes the anatomy of the parasympathetic nervous system?Craniosacral origin; long preganglionic fibers; ganglia near visceral effector organsVisceral reflex arcs differ from somatic in that ________.visceral arcs involve two motor neuronsWhat best characterizes the function of the parasympathetic nervous system?The parasympathetic nervous system maintains homeostasis when the body is at rest.Identify the Medulla OblongatadA series of measurements with a voltmeter show a neuron's membrane potential becoming more negative, from -70 mV to -85 mV. This neuron is experiencing a:hyperpolarization phaseDuring repolarization of a neuronpotassium ions move out of the cellthe presence of a synaptic cleft between cells is characteristics ofchemical synapseBranches that may occur along an axon are calledcollateralswhich of the following best describes a bipolar neuron?one axon and one dendriteBecause of their ability to rapidly divide during brain injury, which type of neuroglial cell would be more likely to form a brain tumor?astrocytemyelinated axons in the CNS are know aswhite matterneurotransmitter can be either excitatory or inhibitory depending upon the receptor present on the postsynaptic neurontruewhich of the following is an effect. of myelinationmyelination increases the speed of conduction of action potentialswhat is NOT a function of the nervous systemdirect long term function such as growthswhich of the following must happen first in the order events at a chemical synapsecalcium ion channels is the axon terminal openupon entering your house, you notice the smell of cake baking in the oven what division of the peripheral nervous system is responsiblesomatic sensory divisionduring the absolute refractory period, production of an additional acting potential is not possible no matter how strong the stimulustruebundle of axons know as tracts are part of thecentral nervous systemSarah sensed a mosquito land on her arm and swatted it away with her hand with specific PNS division was responsible for the movement of Sarahs handsomatic motor divisionthe nervous that receives neurotransmitter from another neuron is calledthe postsynaptptic neuronswhat Is more likely to promote an action potentialdepolarizationwhich of the following moves the membrane potential of the postsynaptic neuron close to thresholdexcitatory postsynaptic potential(EPSP)Summation that results from the cumulative effect of multiple synapses at multiple places on the neuron is designatedspatial summationusing the information provided in this graph Which statement best summarizes the activity in this neuronthe cell gains positive charges making the inside less negativeWhat is NOT part of the cerebrum?brainstemwhat is located in the post central gyrus of the parietal lobeprimary somatosensory cortexin the spinal cord nerve tracts or funiculi make up thewhite columnsTwo major ascending tracts in spinal cord carry somatic stimuli to the third order neurons in the thalamus of the braintruewhat part of the brain modifies the activity of upper motor neurons to produce voluntary movement and inhibit involuntary onesbasal nucleiwhat provides a link between the nervous system and the endocrine systemhypothalamusWhat portion of the brainstem blends with the spinal cord after passing through the foramen magnum?medulla oblongatawhat part of the brain is the "Boss" of the autonomic nervous system (ANS)hypothalamusThe central sulcus separates the frontal lobe from the parietal lobe of the cerebrum ?truethe brainstem connects the brain and thespinal cordYou feel a mosquito land on your arm. This stimulus is carried to the central nervous system (CNS) by the:somatic sensory divisonbundles of axons within a nerve are know asfasciclespolysynaptic reflexes involve multiple synapse white monosynaptic reflexes only involve a single synapsetruein the crosses extension reflex is the right left flexes then the left legextendsa network of nerve is know as aplexusthe visceral motor division (autonomic nervous system or ANS) controls the body voluntary motor functionsfalsewhich of the following must occur first in reflex arcdetection by receptor and delivery of stimulusWhich division detects stimuli of the general senses and special senses?somatic sensory divisonwhich of the following is incorrect about the numbers of spinal nerves7pairs of cervical spinal nervesthe first pair of cranial nerves is the optic nerve(I)falsethe sympathetic nervous system has short preganglionic axons and long post ganglion axons with the sympathetic. ganglia located near the spinal cordtruesympathetic chain ganglia extend from the superior cervical ganglion to the inferior sacral gangliontruemost organs experience dual innervation from the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systemtruewhat do the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system share in commonboth systems are division of the autonomic nervous systemreceptor that bind acetylcholine are know acholingericsomatic notor neuron innervateskeletal muscle cellshe somatic motor division. consist of somatic motor neuron that inverate cardiac smooth and skeletal muscle cellsfalseAfter eating a large meal, Mr. Davis felt sleepy. Which nervous system dominates and is often called out "rest and digest" division of the autonomic nervous system(ANS)parasympathetic nervous systemwhat Is responsible for keeping blood vessels partially constricted at all timessympathetic tonesvisceral reflexes arcs do not controlvoluntary muscle functions