7 terms

Chapter 1

*academic Transformation
the process whereby you will carefully assess your current situation as a student, determine specific short- and long-term academic goals based on your values, chart changes necessary to reach those goals, and then make those changes
Teacher-Directed Learner
students who view their teacher as the source of the right answers, the authority; one who depends upon a teacher to make connections for them.
*Quality World
a place that holds the summation of our hopes and beliefs.
a) the people we most want to be with
b)the thing we most want to own or experience
c)the ideas or systems of belief that govern much of our behavior
the process we use to to continously evaluate and reshape our quality world; using feedback form other we trust
one of the core components of healthy life
*antonomous Learner
a person independently competent in a wide variety of academic tasks, able to actively achieve goals based on values, and skilled in self-reflection
a major avenue of deriving feelings of productiveness, a basic requirement of a healthy self-view