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1st and 2nd declensions and conjugations

Principal Parts of the verb (amo)
amo, amare, amavi, amatum
First Conjugation- present active indicative
amo= i love
amas= you (s) like
amat= he,she,it likes
amamus= we like
amatus= you (p) like
amant= they like
Second Conjugation- Present Active Indicative
sedeo= i sit
sedes= you (s) sit
sedet= he,she,it site
sedemus= we sit
sedetis= you (p) sit
sedent= they sit
First Declension (singular)
Cura= the care
Curae= of the care
Curae= to/for the care
Curam= the care
cum cura= with the care
First declension (plural)
Curae= the cares
Curarum= of the cares
Curis= to/for the cares
Cum curis= with the cares