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Meaning: Surgical Puncture


Meaning: To Break; Surgical Fracture


Meaning: Binding, Fixation (Of A Bone or Joint)


Meaning: Excision, Removal


Meaning: Seperation; Destruction; Loosening


Meaning: Fixation (Of An Organ)


Meaning: Surgical Repair


Meaning: Suture


Meaning: Forming An Opening (Mouth)


Meaning: Instrument To Cut


Meaning: Incision


Meaning: Crushing


Word Analysis: arthr/o/centesis

Puncture of a joint space with a needle and the withdrawl of fluid


Word Analysis: oste/o/clasis

Surgical fracture of a bone to correct a deformity


Word Analysis: arthr/o/desis

Binding together of a joint


Word Analysis: append/ectomy

Excision of the appendix


Word Analysis: thromb/o/lysis

Destruction of a clot. Drug therapy is usually used to dissolve a blood clot


Word Analysis: mast/o/pexy

Fixation of the breast(s). An elective surgery, is performed to affix sagging breasts in a more elevated position, commonly improving their shape.


Word Analysis: rhin/o/plasty

Surgical repair of the nose. Plastic surgery to change the size or shape of the nose.


Word Analysis: my/o/rrhaphy

Suture of a muscle


Word Analysis: trache/o/stomy

Forming an opening into a trachea


Word Analysis: oste/o/tome

Instrument to cut bone


Word Analysis: trache/o/tomy

Incision (through the neck) into the trachea


Word Analysis: lith/o/tripsy

Crushing a stone

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