Chapter 4 Psychology Test

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2What stage of sleep are you most likely experiencing if an EEG of your brain activity showed sleep spindles and K-complexesREMMohammed is sleeping. His eyelids are quivering because his eyes are darting around. Mohammed is probably experiencing ____ sleep.LatentIn Freud's model dreams, the hidden meaning of a dream is called the ______ content.Rosalind CartwrightWhich researcher believed that dreams simply reflect life events that are important to the dreamer?DepressantAlcohol is considered a _______ because it tends to suppress the central nervous system activity.StimulantCocaine is considered a ______ drug because it tends to increase overall levels of neutral activity.MeditationA state of _______ as shown by EEG recordings of new practitioners is not an altered state of consciousness; however, patterns of brain waves exhibited by expert practitioners may represent a unique state of consciousness.Usually have clear memories of the hypnotic experience and are in control of their own behaviorsIndividuals undergoing hypnosis _______Dissociative______ Theory suggests that when people are hypnotized they have voluntarily divided their Consciousness 1/2 aware of reality and the other half turned into the hospital.Carl JungWhich psychodynamic theorists proposed the idea of a collective unconscious that is shared by all members of the human species?NarcoelpsyCataplexy is a symptom associated with ________?ToleranceTayla smokes marijuana. At first, just a few inhalations were enough to cloud her mind. Over time, she needs to smoke more and more to achieve the same effect. This is an example of ____.kicking and punching while asleepwhich of the following is a symptom of REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD)?It carries a much higher risk of leading to substance abuseWhich of the following statements about rotating shift work is false?ConsciousnessAli is aware of his feelings, emotions, and thoughts. He is also aware of his surroundings, the warmth of the sun, and the sound of nearby traffic. Ally is in a state of ____.