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an underground water reservior


an underwater barrier of mud in a river

Barrier Island

an island running parallel to the mainland, built up by the action of waves and currents that serves to protect the coast from erosion.


fresh water and salt water mixed together


a ridge of high ground in the costal marsh that runs parallel to the coastline

Coastal erosion

the loss of coastal land

Coastal marsh

wet grassland along a coastline

Coastal plain

a low, flat land region built up by river sediment

Continental drift

the gradual movement of continents


a landform shaped by sediment deposits at the mouth of a river or tidal inlet


a fracture in the Earths crust


a plain bordering a river and subject to flooding


the study of how the earth was formed

Global warming

an increase in the average temperature of the Earths atmosphere


to wind or turn

Natural levee

strips of elevated land along the river side to keep it from flooding

Oxbow lake

a cresent shaped lake formed when a river meander is cut off from the main channel


an ancient supercontinent that included all the landmass of the Earth


a natural or artificial pond or lake used for water storage

Salt dome

a tall vertical column of salt squeezed up through the ground by extreme pressure

Salt water intrusion

saltwater movement into a marsh


suspended particles of dirt and sand carried by river water


an elevated ridge of old riverbed

Water table

the depth in the ground at which water is located

Sedimentary rock

rock formed by sediment and pressure

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