20 terms

H English II Vocabulary 1 and 2

Banal (adjective)
Quoted often, unoriginal; overused, commonplace
Bellicose (adjective)
Aggressive, showing readiness to quarrel or fight
Finesse (noun)
Delicate skill
Glib (noun)
Smooth talk
Pseudonym (noun)
Under a false name
Lampoon (verb)
To make fun of; A written satire used to ridicule or attack someone; To satirize using ridicule
Lugubrious (adjective)
Excessively sad, mournful, dismal, or gloomy, in an affected, exaggerated, or unrelieved manner
Nefarious (adjective)
Not good tempered; law breaking. Wicked.
Nemesis (noun)
Unconquerable foe
Purloin (verb)
To use others' ideas or styles; to steal.
Abject (noun)
Miserable; inferior
Prosaic (adjective)
Propriety (noun)
Conventional standards
Revile (verb)
Name-calling, to attack with words
Admonish (verb)
To politely scold
Commensurate (adjective)
Phlegmatic (adjective)
Distraught (adjective)
Suffering from mental conflict
Nebulous (adjective)
Not clearly defined.
Euphemism (noun)
Not using directness and honesty by not calling things by their proper name.

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