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How many layers does the earth have?


What are the names of the layers of the earth?

1. Crust 2. Mantle 3. Core


center of the earth formed of hot iron mixed with other materials


the layer of hot, solid material between Earth's crust and core


hot melted rock that sometimes flows to the earth's surface during a volcanic eruption


uppermost layer of the earth


massive land areas (7)

Plate Tectonics theory

theory that earth's crust is not an unbroken shell but consists of plates or huge slabs of rock that move.


the super continent where all the continents were once joined

Continental drift

the gradual movement and formation of continents (as described by plate tectonics)


violent and sudden movement of the earth's crust


a huge destructive wave caused by an earthquake on the ocean floor


cracks in the earth's crust


the process of breaking surface rock into boulders, gravel, sand and soil

What things cause weathering?

water, frost, chemicals, plants, ice


the process of wearing away or moving weathered material.

What are the three greatest factors that erode or wear away surface material?

Water, wind, ice


huge, slow moving sheets of ice

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