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People who moved from place to place in search of food. they followed the food


Groups that relied on hunting animals and gathering plants for food

neolithic revolution

when farming became very popular. it changed human lif

slash and burn farming

To clear a field the groups would cut down and burn trees to create space for farming


the taming of wild animals

The five things that changed the way we live

Invention, innovation, technology,discovery, research and development


a theory which states that the 7 continents were once one super continent


a complez culture with advanced cities, specialized workers, complex institutions, record keeping, and advanced technologies


the develpment of skills in a specific kind of work


skilled workers who made goods by hand


a long lasting pattern of orginization in a community


professional record keepers


a system of writing, meaning wedge shaped

bronze age

the time when people started using bronze to make weapons


a way of trading goods and services with out money


a pyramid shaped mounument on Ur meaning mountain of God

homo sapiens

human beings


a specific way of living


time phrase that means before christ


anno domini meaning in the year of our lord. anything that happened after the death of jesus


before common era. before Christ A.D

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