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keen sight


unyielding, absolutely firm


deviation from the usual, out of the ordinary

antipathy (adj: apathetic)

dislike of, hatred for

apathy (adj: apathetic)

lack of feeling, absence of emotion

assiduous (noun: assiduity)

constant, persistent

autonomous (noun: autonomy)

self-governing, independent of outside control

banal (noun: banality)

trite, commonplace, uninspired

candor (adj: candid)

frankness, outspokenness

caprice (adj: capricious)

a whim, an unmotivated decision

castigate (noun: castigation)

severely criticize


trickery, subterfuge

depraved (noun: depravity)

incorrigibly evil

discursive (noun: discursiveness)

rambling, digressive

dissonance (adj: dissonant)

discord, unharmonious effects


sour, sullen, gloomy

ebullient (noun: ebullience)

full of enthusiasm, bubbling with energy

ecstatic (noun: ecstasy)

overpowered by delight

enervate (noun: enervation)

deprive of nervous energy, weaken


cause, produce

ephemeral (noun: ephemera)

short-lived, fleeting


hidden, secret


atone for, make amends


complete, utter failure

flaccid (noun: flaccidity)

flabby, weak

laconic (noun: laconism)

brief, terse

latent (noun: latency)

unrevealed, unused

lethargic (noun: lethargy)

sluggish, drowsily lazy

lugubrious (noun: lugubriousness)

ridiculously sorrowful, mournful

moribund (noun: moribundity)

dying, ending

myopic (noun: myopia)


obstreperous (noun: add -ness)

boisterous, unruly

parsimonious (noun: parismony)

excessively frugal, penny pinching

perfidious (noun: perfidy)

traitorous, treacherous

perfunctory (noun: perfunctoriness)

mechanical, indifferent


clearness, lucidity


controversy, argumentative debate


postpone, put off

prototype (adj: prototypic)

model, pattern


going backwards

sagacity (adj:sagacious)


sententious (noun: -ness)

full of old sayings, maxims, proverbs

tacit (noun: tacitness)

unexpressed but understood

tenuous (noun: tenuousness)

thin, unsubstantial, flimsy

turgid (noun: turgidity)

swollen, bombastic

ubiquitous (noun: -ness)

everywhere at the same time

unctuous (noun: -ness)

oily, overly suave

vapid (noun: vapidity)

empty, dull

coluptuous (noun: -ness)

sensual, pleasure loving and giving

wry (noun: wryness)

indirect, twisted

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