MIS 301 Ch 5

If chip pathways became too small, a phenomenon known as ______ tunneling could occur, which is when electrons slide off their paths.
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MyMagic+ is a large-scale system developed for _______.DisneyAdvances related to increasing hard drive storage relative to cost are often referred to as _____ Law.Kryder'sThe term _____ refers to computers that are among the fastest of any in the world at the time of their introduction.SupercomputersWhich of the following is an example of volatile memory?Random-access memoryStorage that is wiped clean when power is cut off from a device is known as _____.Volatile memoryMulticore microprocessors are formed by:Putting two or more lower power processor cores on a single chip.Which of the following is true of United States environmental legislation regarding e-waste and recycling standards?There is no U.S. legislation covering e-waste.Which sets of interrelated forces threatens to slow down the progression of Moore's Law?Size, heat, and powerWhat problem is faced by multicore processors running older software written for single-brain chips?Multicore processors usually run older software by using only one core at a time.________ refers to replacing traditional computing resources with services provided over the Internet.Cloud computingMagicBands have reduced turnstile transaction time by ______%.30%One way to address the problem of densely-packed, overheating chip designs is with ________ microprocessors.MulticoreThe evolution caused by Moore's Law is demonstrated by the Amazon _______, which originally sold for nearly $400 but now sells for one-fifth of that price.KindleChip-based memory is also called RAM, which stands for _______ access memory.RandomGrid computing is a type of computing in which:Special software is installed on several computers enabling them to work together on a common problem.Moore's Law is often cited in the press as the principal that:Chip performance per dollar doubles every eighteen months.Which of the following can Zara's use of RFID tags can be considered?The "Internet of Things"Identify each statement as true concerning why managers should pay attention to Moore's law.Ideas that may be impossible today due to power, capacity, or cost reasons may be possible in the future. The advance of powerful, cheap computing often comes with a special kind of price elasticity that enables whole new markets to open up.Which problem is least likely to be solved through grid computing?Linear problemsDiscarded, obsolete technology is known as ______.e-wasteMoore's Law often is used to refer to computing that is _____ and ______.Faster, cheaperThe ______ wave of computing that we are in now is considered the era of pervasive computing.SixthE-waste is particularly difficult to address because of:The complexity of the modern value chain.