Chap1 The Scope of Biology

28 terms by tori_monet

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Chapter One test

Soil, Air, Water, Light

4 Non-living features found in the ecosystem


A group/herd/flock of similar living things found in an ecosystem.


The basic units of all living things.


The cell part that directs all the activities of a cell.


The chemical responsible for the passing of traits from parents to offspring.


The units of information found along the length of DNA.


The name biologists gave to a distinct form of life.


The broadest category of organisms.


The branch of biology that is concerned with the study of classification.

3 Domains

Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya


The number of cells that bacterium have.


Word that means, "one cell".

Prokayotic Cells

Cells that contain no nucleus.

4 Kingdoms of Eukarya Domain

protists, fungi, plants, and animals

True of all eukaryotic cells

They are all multicellular.


Thing that all organisms are made of.


When various tissues work together they form, what?


The process by which plants make their own food.

3 biological activities that require energy

Moving, thinking, keeping your heart beating


Organisms that make their own food.


Organisms that must eat the food made by other organisms.


The form that organisms return energy back into the environment.


The mechanism by which organisms regulate their internal environment.

Sweating and Shirvering

Examples of the homeostasis mechanism.


An inherited trait that helps organisms survive and reproduce.

Live longer and constantly reproduce

Two ways in which adapt benefit organisms.


There is solid evidence of natural selection.

Stem cell, research and cloning

Two ethical issues that relate to biology with which society wrestles.

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