Database Management and Design Ch 3

Database Systems in the Organization
Data Integration
Combining data for common use
Electronic Data Processing (EDP)
Computer automation of paperwork at the operational level of an organization.
Management Information System (MIS)
Automated System focused on information for middle management
Decision Support System
Automated system providing strategic information to senior management
Centralized Database
Physically confined to a single location.
Distributed Database System
A system made of several systems at local sites, connected by communication lines.
Database Planning
Strategic effort to determine information needs for an extended period
Database Development Life Cycle
A process for designing, implementing, and maintaining a database.
Database Administration
Personnel with responsibilities for controlling and protecting the database.
Conceptual Database Design
Identification of data elements, relationships, and constraints for a database
Value Constraint
A rule defining the permissible values for a specific data item
Physical Database Design
Determination of storage devices, access methods, and indexes for using a database.
Information Center
An area where users have facilities to do their own computing
Retrieve Only Access
Database access with no update allowed
Data Integrity
Accuracy and consistency of data values in the database
Three-level Architecture
Standard database structure consisting of conceptual, external and internal levels
Conceptual Level
Database structural level defining logical schema of database
External Level
Database structural level defining user views
Internal Level
Database structural level defining physical view of database
Database Development Life Cycle
A process for designing, implementing, and maintaining a database system
System Developmnet Life Cycle
A process for system development
Function-oriented Approach
Views a system from the perspective of the functions it should perform.
Data-oriented Approach
Focuses on the analysis of data used by the functions.
Preliminary Planning
Planning for a database that occurs during the strategic database planning process
Feasibility Study
Portion of the DDLC that determines technological, operational, and economic feasibility of database
Requirements Definition
Determination of management and functional area information requirements
Conceptual Design
Creation of conceptual-level schema for database
Database Implementation
The steps required to change a conceptual design to a functioning database