Lesson 1

47 terms by jparker2010

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Greeting and Introducing Oneself and Others

Sawadii krab


Sabaay dii mai krab

How are you?

Sabaay dii krab

I am fine.

Laew khoon la krab

And you?

Khob khoon krab

Thank you


I (male)


I (female)


He, They

Khor tod krab

Sorry/ Excuse me

Mai pen rai krab

You're welcome

Chue len


Chue glang

Middle name

Nam sagun

Family name

Mai dai

Not have

Yin dii tii dai roo jag krab

Nice to meet you.




(Yes or no question)

Khoon chue arai krab?

What is your name?

Khoon chue len arai krab?

What is your nickname?

Khoon nam sagun arai krab?

What is your family name?

Khoon chue glang arai krab?

What is your middle name?

Phom chue Jeffrey krab

My name is Jeffrey.

Phom chue glang Chandler krab

My middle name is Chandler.

Phom nam sagun Parker krab

My family name is Parker.

Phom chue len Jeff

My nickname is Jeff.

Kau chue arai krab?

What is his name?

Kau chue len arai krab?

What is his nickname?

Kau nam sagun arai krab?

What is his family name?

Kau chue glang arai krab?

What is his middle name?

Tuh chue arai krab?

What is her name?

Tuh chue glang arai krab?

What is her middle name?

Tuh chue len arai krab?

What is her nickname?

Tuh nam sagun arai krab?

What is her family name?

Kau chue Jim krab

His name is Jim.

Kau nam sagun Roberts krab

His family name is Roberts.

Kau chue glang Tim krab

His middle name is Tim.

Kau chue len Rob krab

His nickname is Rob.

Tuh chue Haley krab

Her name is Haley. :)

Tuh chue len Haley Bailey krab

Her nickname is Haley Bailey. :)

Tuh nam sagun Krueger krab

Her family name is Krueger.

Tuh chue glang Anne krab

Her middle name is Anne.

Phom mai mii chue len krab

I don't have a nickname.

Mai dai


Mai mii

Do not have

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