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-CT Proper
-Bone tissue


cells seperated by a large amount of cellular matrix EXCEPT BLOOD


most abundant cell type in ct proper
-fibers and ground substance of matrix

Collagen Fibers

resist tension

Reticular Fibers

- structural support

Elastic Fibers

-recoil of stretched tissues

Types of LCT Proper



underlies almost all epithelia and surrounds capillaries
-Ground Substance and Collagen
-reticular fibers and elastic fibers in the matrix
(surround fibroblast cells and adipose cells)


similar to areolar but lots more adipose cells
F** nutrient storage (increased)


-white fat abundant in hypodermis
-brown fat occurs in babies generating heat and heating blood


similar to areolar in structure but only fibers in matrix are reticular


-bone marrow
-lymph nodes
-Forms networks of caverns that hold free blood cells

Functions/ LACTP

-Support and bind other tissues with its fibers
- Hold tissues fluid in its jelly like grounds substance

Functions /LACTP

-Fight infection w/ its (+) blood-derived defense cells
----macrophages, plasma, neutrophils
-Store Nutrients in fat

DCTP (fibrous)

-super thick collagen fibers
-resist pulling forces

Irregular DCTP

similar to areolar but collagen is thicker and run whirly swirly

Irregular DCTP

F** resisting tensions in different directions
-organ capsules

Regular DCTP

all collagen fibers in matrix run in same direction
-separated by row of *fibroblasts, parallel to direction/ pull

Regular DCTP

-main component of ligaments
-aponeuroses fascia

Elastic DCTP

similar to areolar but more elastic fibers
-artery walls
-around broncials
-w/i certain ligaments

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