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US History-Chapter 1- TEST REVIEW

Chapter 1 study guide
WHO discovered Florida ?
Juan Ponce deLeon
Juan Ponce deLeon was a spanish explorer who claimed which state for Spain?
A Viking Adventurer?
Leif Ericson
America was named after WHO?
Amerigo Vespucci
Name one of the Sea Dogs?
Francis Drake
WHO claimed the Mississippi River for France?
Robert de La Salle
Robert de La Salle, a french explorer claimed WHICH river for France?
Mississippi River
WHO discovered the St Lawrence River?
Jacques Cartier
Jacques Cartier discovered WHICH river?
St Lawrence River
WHO was the 1st English baby in the New World?
Virginia Dare
WHO was the leader of Jamestown?
John Smith
WHAT was Columbus' boat's name?
Santa Maria
WHO discovered & named Jamestown?
WHAT is Animism?
An Indian belief that spirits live in objects of nature
Name the oldest permanent city settled by Europeans?
St. Augustine (Florida)
What are Conquistadors?
Spanish conquerors
WHICH group favored the Reformation in France?
WHO organized the Lost Colony?
Sir Walter Raleigh
WHAT is the Reformation in France?
also known as the Protestant Revolt. It was the European Christian movement led by Martin Luther and John Calvin against the Catholic Church
WHAT is the Lost Colony?
The Roanoke Colony on Roanoke Island in Dare County, present-day North Carolina. A permenant English settlement
WHO survived the "starving time"?
San Salvador
WHAT is the House of Burgesses?
Republician government at Jamestown
WHO offered support for Columbus' voyage?
Queen Isabella
WHO was Queen Isabella?
Queen of Castile and León. She and her husband Ferninand where greatly responsible for paying for Columbus' voyage to the New World.
WHO disagreed with Columbus' claim to have found the Indies?
Amerigo Vespucci
WHO aggreed to gain passage to the colonies in exchange for work?
Indentured servants
WHO encouraged the activity of the Sea Dogs?
Queen Elizabeth
WHO proclaimed the Word of God to ingnite the Reformation?
Martin Luther
WHO laid claim to North America's Atlantic Coast?
John Cabot
WHO sent colonist to the North Carolina coast?
Walter Raleigh
Name the first permanent colony in America?
3 reasons WHY we study American History?
TEACH us lesson's for life - right, wrong & consequences. Trust God & Obey Him

SHOW us that God is at work - mankinds disobediance = sin=live under a curse. Jesus redeems us from the curse. God is soverign.

GIVE us a sense of who we are - understanding or our heritage, values, responses in history and evaluate that to the Word & how we are to live.
WHO is an American?
One who believes in certain core values.
What are America's Core Values?
a right to one's Individualism, equality, growth and freedom
When is one's freedom a problem?
When freedom is valued over one's goodness
WHY are all American's consider equal?
God made us all equal.
What hinders the Creation Mandate?
Greed, selfishness & sin
What are the difference in Animism and a belief in God?
Animism is the belief that spirits living in things and nature, so these are thier gods. Belief in God is that he created everything. God created the earth, sky, all the palnts and animal and man in his likeness.
Who are the Huguenots?
French protestants who were inspired by the writings of John Calvin